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Default Hi all from Oklahoma


I am new to the site here, and new to fly fishing as well.

First, a little background is in order i guess..

I am 33 yrs old, married, with 4 kids. I have been fishing ever since i can remember. A few years ago, i was "forced" into fly tying by my brother in law. I got a tying kit that included most of what is needed to at least get started and went from there.

My fly gear managed to get pushed to the back of the closet after about 6 months of tying.. (mind you, this was two or three years ago at least)

I recently went through a "mid life crisis" and purchased a CRAZY fast motorcycle, which lasted all of two months before it was sold for a fishing boat.

Last summer was my all time best fishing year. I went fishing at least two or three times a week all spring, summer, and into the fall. Over the winter, my fly tying equipment started calling my name... So this time, instead of just tying flies, i decided that i want to throw them around some too!

SO... now i own an "Okuma" Cascade 9 foot, 5 weight fly rod/ reel combo. and a dollar general dvd of fly fishing basics.

Anyway..... everyone expect some serious questions from me cause i have no clue what im doing!! (I can tie the daylights out of some flies though!!!)
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