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Default Re: Allen rods - ferrells?

Originally Posted by db cooper View Post
I dont think they are a cost cutting measure. They take more labor to install and fit. I dont know if they are better but when you see them they are usialy on a fuller flex rod. I dont know if its because they keep the profile more intact by flexing with the rod or what.
Thanks, Dennis. Nice to see you around these parts!

Figured I would chime in. Most have already mentioned and discussed the pros/cons of this type of ferrule. I personally prefer this type of ferrule, but at the end of the day, it doesn't make my fishing trip more or less enjoyable. A strong case can be made for the superiority of either style ferrule.

With our newer generations of rods, we have moved away from this type of ferrule system as a result of customer feedback. While we really enjoy this type of ferrule for our personal use, our customers and guides have given us enough feedback in support of the more common, standard ferrule type, that we have decided to move in that direction. Our rods still perform as well as they ever did, so there's no need to worry about loss in performance.

Feel free to contact us if any of you ever have any questions! (Justin) (Evan)
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