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Default Re: Trout Beads for Salmon River NY

Originally Posted by schiff View Post
Ben664, I don't think you need a guide. When I fish the SR, the guides come down the river in a drift boat and stopp about 30 feet out in front of you. This annoys the crowded bank fishermen and if I was a in the boat, I would be embarrased. They also anchor at all the fish holding holes on the SR...same issue as before. I remember standing at a prime hole 2 hours before daylight to insure my good spot. 15 minutes before light, a guide floats down and drops anchor right in front of me. I have my own way of dealing with these guys, but it really takes some of the fun out of the trip.
I would say, just go to the river and you will see any access point with 30 cars in the parking lot. Go there and walk up or down to get away from the masses. Finding solitude is not possible more often than not. Talk to a fly shop owner there to get info on where to go. I would not pay a guide to float me into a spot that the guys 30 feet away walked to in 5 minutes for free.
Blue Sucker Spawn is one of my favorites there, my buddy kills with them. He is a better fisherman than me though.

Well, these are just my opinions and it doesn't mean I'm right...good luck.
Hi Schiff !!

Thanks for the message.

I totaly agree with you, about the drift boat. I will rent a guide service, but only wade trip. (and I never fished from a boat).

I consider myself like a "relativly" experience fisherman (I fly fish for about 20 years), and I know how to catch fish here, in my country. BUT ! I will travel 6000 km (to SR) and I never fish steelheads, or lake run browns, and I think they have differents behaviours than all year residents fish (like my locals streams). The guide know his river, what fly using with differents water flows, and the most important, where to fish. I just don't want to ruin my trip (9 or 10 days) for a matter of "What I have to do ?? where I have to fish ? where is the river access ?" Maybe I'm wrong, but I think a 2 or 3 guided days, will help me a lot
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