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Default Re: F/S Fishpond High Country Tech Pack Chest Pack


Honestly what i have been doing over the past year is forcing myself to downsize. I have been wearing vests for years and always had them stuffed to brim. Last year I purchased a Fishpond Gore range tech vest (I sold it on here last month) A few of my buddies were wearing chest packs like th done I am selling just in different colors. So I figured why not… LOVED IT! It forced me to carry less **** that I really did not to bring with me. So one of my buddies purchased a Fishpond SanJuan chest pack and that got me thinking some more I ended up buying the Fishpond Piney Creek Tech PAck. So I have been down sizing to say the least

The pack is great, really no cons. I found the back pack to be a perfect size not to bulky or to small. My Brodin was easy to hang and and easy to reach. The chest pack was great with plenty of room for necessary gear. I used the fly patch for streamers and kept two fly boxes (large C&F) in the main compartment. In the second compartment I kept tippets, lead, indicators, etc…
There is a large zipper that can be opened to expand the lager compartment, never used. I liked the fact that the back of the pack where it lays on your chest has a pocket also, that's where I kept my camera and cell phone tethered to the loop just above it.

I'm loving the Piney Creek except for a couple of things; The back pack is larger and bulky than the one I am selling here. I really prefer the smaller back pack on the High Country Tech Pack. It's a bit of a pain the arse to clip the buckles on to Piney Creek back back when I am putting it on, the High Country was much easier to put on.

I hope that answers your question. really just a matter of forcing my self to downsize and limit what i am bringing with me.

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