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Default Re: South Platte River Deckers Report

Unfortunately, I have to agree. I have encountered more rude fishermen in that stretch than any other in Colorado (although I hear the Taylor can get pretty bad as well). And I don't mean just inexperienced people who don't know better. Like you said, guys will nestle up right next to you and try to fish the bottom of the run while you are in the top, maybe thirty feet from you. Maybe it's because there is so little fishable water? Maybe it's transplants from other states where this type of crowded fishing is accepted practice? And in the summer the recreational users are now taking over. Hundreds of people float their inner tubes down the river every weekend. I think a company is now renting tubes near bridge crossing like they do on the upper Colorado. I did a little guiding in that area a few years ago and it is one of the hardest places to put people on fish because of all these reasons.

Sad. It used to be an awesome place to fish. Maybe it will be again someday. Maybe not in my fishing lifetime, but someday?

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