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Default Re: Sharkskin line dilemma

The guy came during our fishing spring sale and the SA rep was there, he must of called and asked when the rep was coming. When we explained to the rep what was wrong before we told him what rod the customer used he replied by saying the guides on your rod must be cheap or were already scratched up. The customer did not care for that reply and the SA rep left quickly but gave him a 25% off coupon for sharkskin line.

I found out in the past that not all reps are friendly. The customer and I were turned off by that, I sold the customer a Sage Xi2 before he left for his trip and he was using skarkskin line. I will tell you one thing, when the Sage rep heard what the SA rep said he was a bit P.O.

I think I will buy the 9wt magnum line for a floater but I still need to find a good sinking line.
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