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Default Re: Sharkskin line dilemma

Hell, if the guy didn't like the line and got a 25% of coupon, I would take it! haha. That stuff is expensive!

I've heard of the sharkskin wearing guides, but not very often. I also wonder about the quality of the guides before he put the sharkskin on it. Is there a dressing that is supposed to go on this line? I have not personally used it, but I have heard some good and bad things about it.

I read in another thread by Armando. He had problems with the line 'burning' his hands as well and asked if there were gloves that were made that would help with it. In a reply to that thread, MikeG said that SA is working on some new gloves to help out with that paroblem. So hopefully they come up with them soon.

By the way, how much is the Sharkskin line now? Last time I looked it was $100... If anyone knows where it can be found cheaper, send me a PM or something... Thanks.

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