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Default Bone in BELIZE | A Belize fishing trip

A soothing breeze caresses your skin with the warmth of the Caribbean. The gentle sound of splashing water against the hull of the boat along with a variety of calls from exotic birds along the mangroves or in the palms fill the air. Scanning the waters in search of that grouped cluster of darkened shadows indicative of yet another school of bonefish are cruising in your direction in search of food in the sand just a mere ten inches below the surface of the gin-clear waters.

Lifting my line off the water I haul back and feel the rod begin to load. With another haul as I bring the rod forward with the flick of my wrist I shoot the line out and tilt my rod tip to the water. I watch as my line unfurls effortlessly out before me gently delivering my fly two feet from the feeding bones. As they move closer to my fly I pull back slightly on my line delivering gentle bump causing the fly to lift off the sand and fall back naturally. This small strip has caught the attention of several bones in the group. With a quick inhale it’s in the mouth of a fish. One forceful strip later and “Fish On!” The excitement and pandemonium of a rocketing silver torpedo bending the rod to the sound of a zinging reel fill the air replacing the calm.

If this sounds like your kind of fun then you’ve got to check out Bite Me Fishing adventures on Ambergris Caye some thirty miles from the mainland of Belize. This short two-hour flight from Dallas, Houston, or Miami is totally worth the journey. Started by Jim “Big D” Harper a twenty-five year veteran to saltwater fly-fishing. This fella is as much a part of the experience as the fish are. Like most whom have visited the Caribbean before you know that regardless of which island(s) you visit they seemed to be filled with colorful characters. Such remains true on the small island of Ambergris Caye where Big D operates his kayak fishing adventures from.

Depending on what months you visit you’ll have ample opportunities to run down some Permit or even a big Tarpon or two. Kayak fishing for tarpon that weigh in averaging fifty to ninety pounds is appropriately dubbed the “San Pedro Sleigh Ride!” And lets not forget about the Bonefish. Certainly not a second-class citizen they are in large abundance around ever turn of a mangrove-lined cove. And don’t think all this fun is only for fly fishers either. Big D can put you on fish with spinning equipment as well.

At the close of each day your paddling home across a turquoise lagoon with the fiery orange and plum purple hews of the tropical sun setting on the horizon. You can’t imagine a more serene and picturesque surroundings. As you rinse off the salt from the day and freshen up, it’s time to head into one of the many quaint bars or restaurants for refreshing blend of freshly cut fruits and a splash of the local rum. Reminiscing over the excitement of the day’s fish as you watch the senoritas passing by along the beach and the waves lapping at the shoreline in the shimmer of moonlight.

Bite Me Kayak fishing features the specially designed Freedom Hawk kayaks. These kayaks are the world’s best “stand-up” fishing kayaks. If Big D can fish these things then anyone can. He’s not called Big D for nothing. Standing 6’ 1” and built like a linebacker. Watching him hop up from seated to standing positions inspires confidence that anyone can fish these kayaks. If you’d like to picture your self kayak fishing in Belize you can hook up with Big D through his website: Fly Fishing in Belize
Belize Fishing Adventures

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