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Default Re: Bending My Wrist

This is a true story about the great trophy trout that lurked beneath the huge boulder in the tiny little creek somewhere in North America.

“With his tiny rod, a wispy 6-foot 1/2-weight, Hermann Smuck made his final cast. It was effortless - for Herm’s technique embodied his recently perfected "triple-toe barefoot monkey haul." The Gossamer Thread Tippet, some 45 feet in length, followed the thin line subscribing a perfectly formed loop. Hermann could barely see the fly, a number 64 Black Wasp, tied to the tippet’s end. Upward and outward the fly soared moving majestically as if blown along by a soft gentle breeze. Farther and farther it carried until finally it began its decent to the target, an oak leaf floating some 245 feet away. The tiny fly settled softly into the surface film through a small hole in the leaf. Hermann's accuracy was right-on as usual. He twitched the fly once, twice ... then the water exploded! Throughout the valley Hermann’s cry of excitement echoed, "Fish ON!"·

"Old Crusty"

P.S. The triple toe harefoot monkey haul requires the caster to have prehensile toes -- sort of like the Hobbit.

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