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Default Aero Bugs

I tried something new, nothing really new there but I have hit a snag. I had lost my link to here but glad I found my way back after a couple months of searching. Gotta love it when the kids decide to clean out the history and everything else.

Click the image to open in full size.

The hackle and chenille are coming out perfect for the tail section but I am forced to add too much chenille to cover the tie in for the twisted body.

If anyone has ever tried it, they know the technique. Take a piece of chenille, double it over, add 1-3 hackle and twist together. Double it over to twist onto itself and voila, a bushy tail that can be tied in anywhere.

The problem I am having is that the chenille hackle twist is so bulky and the whole thing likes to turn on the hook shank. I have to wrap it really well to get it to stay put and even then it likes to try and turn. This is leaving a lot of area to cover with chenille. For some ties I think it is fine but I need to figure out how to tie it in and keep it from turning and only have to add 1-2 wraps of chenille to finish it off. Being able to add a little red/orange/pink/ or other color to make a head like a leech/caterpillar could be a very effective steelhead pattern let alone bass, trout and many other species.

Any suggestions?
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