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This is an old subject I know, but this might help anyone considering a visit to that area. I have visited V.I. to fly fish (mostly) for two weeks for the past 4 years. To me it is heaven. My venue is further south than Alberni but the whole area is very similar. Dozens of lakes with browns, raibows and cut throat trout that readily come to both wet and dry fly. The rivers are amazing. Gin clear, and fast - be warned, they LOOK easily wadeable, but the clarity deceives and it can be dangerous, so use the likes of an Airflo Wavehopper for safety. Depends on the season, there are big runs of Coho up the rivers but out of season try for them in the sea .....with fly! Prepare to be dazzled. If you are lucky to connect with a run, I have had Tyee up to 38 pounds including 4 in one session. One was returned by the rules. You must try Halibut fishing off the West Coast. Take your heart tablets - you may need them. Final tips. USE A GUIDE. If you have travelled far, don't waste your precious time. A guide will be jealous of his reputation and will positively ensure you are in the right place at the right time. Lastly ALL fishing is subject to strong regulations and you MUST have a licence for both freshwater and sea or be prepared to be apprehended by the road checks.
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