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Default Where did my line go?

What didn't take off down stream is wraped around my legs.

How do you control your line when retrieving?
For me, and probably many others, fishing is about more than just the little fella with the fins. I enjoy getting out of the house, The gear, getting on the water, chatting with the deer I pass along the trail (even with the dirty looks they give me), navigating the water on foot and finding new ways to fool Mr. Fin into taking my fly.
I know there are ways to do it better, I just need to find what they are. This weeks focus is on line control for me. My biggest problem is what to do with the line as I retrieve it. Especially when fishing up stream, all that extra line goes everywhere as I pull it in to remove slack from the drifting line. Some of it is wrapped around my legs while the rest of it is trailing off down stream with the current. This makes casting even more difficult. I'm bad enough as it is, the current just makes that more apparent (sounds like "...than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.).
I tried, for a while, making loops and hanging them off of the little finger of my line hand. The tangles from this method were actually worse than the current taking the line down stream. So I abandoned that. Then I tried mending more often so that I didn't have to recast the line out as often. The current proved too fast for me, I'm not good enough "yet" to keep up.
Fishing down stream is where I've seen the most action. Since I can cast and allow it to drift down and across things are much cleaner and look much more natural. I still end up recasting now and then with line in the water since I pull it in a little at a time. So even down stream I'm fighting the friction of the water against my slack.

It is probable that my entire style is incorrect, I will definitely take advise on that. But assuming that it is not, what do you do with your line as you retrieve it without the reel? Loops on the wrist? stripping basket?

Yikes, I'm kinda long winded
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