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Default Re: Wire shock tippet

Originally Posted by ditz View Post
There was a discussion the other day on another forum. It seems that bite tippets for tarpon are made from like 80# floro. now and nobody is using mono any more. Just a thought.
I'm sorry to you you guys. I'm new to the sport and assumed it was wire but the tippet is 80# floro. It's the Orvis product in the "p" shaped package. It is very stiff. Question is still the same, how to tie fly to tippet?

Also, I can see the tarpon in the lake I fish. They look to be 3-5 feet long!! But they are a bit out of reach of my cast. Can I walk into the lake to cast out to them or will that surely spook them?

I want to catch one so bad I'm almost to point of swimming after them and wrestling them to shore!!
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