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Default Reply to The Eternal Recurrence by Randy Kadish


I've missed your writings. I, once again, enjoyed this one. I've got to get back to your area of the world and wet a hook. You make it sound so peaceful and enjoyable.

I bought a fishing license and trout stamp last year in January. Wet one hook one time all year in Oklahoma. Then I took a vacation and went to Taos. Great place. In June the snow was still on the mountains. Unfortunately, it was unseasonably warm and the Rio Hondo and the Rio Grande were in flood stage. I caught one trout. In November, I went to Arkansas with my son-in-law to fish the tail waters below Beaver Dam. They released water all three days. No fish. I damn near gave up fishing, but it's too darn pretty out on the river.

This year my son-in-law and I went down to the Lower Mountain Fork River here in Oklahoma for a two day entomology class. Great class. Beautiful area. No fish.

Yeah, I think I need to try New York again. Until then, I'll keep looking for your short stories. I really like the way you put your words together. I read and I can see what I'm reading.

Bob Lang

PS-My first rod was my granddad's. He must have purchased it in the early twenties. It was cane. I miss it. It now lies at the bottom of Lake Popolopan on the West Point reservation. I've got a classmate who still owes me a cane rod, antique reel and a box of flies. I'll never loan him another.
Bob Lang
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