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Default New to flyfishing (sort of)

hello, im sort of new to flyfishing, i can cast ok, but i want to upgrade from my practice rod to something more decent...
i will be fishing saltwater for reef, flats and lighter bread and butter species.
(i live in AU, so fish like bream, flathead, sea salmon down south and coral reef species up north)
i hate buying bad things so i thought as a reasonable setup would be along the lines of these
sage approach 9ft, 8wt flyrod :$325
Sage 4200 series reel (4280) 8-9wt : $325
scientific angler intermedite line 8 weight....
heres a pic i put together of the combo
Click the image to open in full size.
do you think this would be an effective mid weight saltwater combo? i am also planning on going on a trip around australia from the south al the way around so id be on coral reef for a large amount of time (shallow coral and sandflat areas for reef fish or permit for an example) and i need a good rod and reel, opinions or suggestions? btw im 14 and keen lol
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