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Default Re: New to flyfishing (sort of)

hi, thanks for the advice! but im not really targeting permit as i live no where near them but might get the chance soon as i might be going on a road trip later, so i think an 8wt should suffice as the fish around my area are rarely very big,
one species is Flathead ( just made a list incase u americans are interested in what southerners usually target here)
from 30cm to 1m long, ambush feeders, not huge fighters but great table fish. live on flats or weedy sandy areas
up to 45cm for a monster, found everywhere
look like mini white bonefish around 20-40cm (they basicsally are small bonefish usually taking shrimp patterns and fighting hard, usually pretty tricky and tough fighters, very common)
we also have flounder and sole occasionally around(small halibut)
the above are all estuary/ flats fish that are most commonly targeted
my fishing will be in less that 5m usually, mostly in about 1m
and speaking of flies, any reccomendations, recently got into tying them but they are awful but i blame my lack of materials as i have some masterpieces in my head to tie.
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