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Default fly fishing presentation

I work at the Mast General Store Annex in Valle Crucis NC ( near Boone) in the outdoor department. During the warmer months we like to set up a table outside with different things like maps, packs, tents, stoves, etc... Just so that people get a good look at what we have and to help educate them on how they work. My manager asked me today if i would mind doing something related to fishing on one of these days. A friend of mine and i are in the begining stages of starting out own fly fishing business so i jumped on the offer. We are going to have a table set up where we will be demonstrating how to tie different flies, we'll be selling flies as well as custom rods that we make, we will have some casting lessons throughout the day, and i am going to try to put together a presentation on fly fishing that will last about an hour.

My Question is: What are some of the things that yal would recomend i put into the presentation. I have some ideas but just wanted to know what some other people thought.

We dont have a set date for it yet but if you're in the area stop by and talk fishing with me (i'll post up when i get the exact date)
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