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Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

Originally Posted by nicknick222 View Post
First off go buy a costco size pack of handwarmers. The best way to keep from getting too cold is to not let your hands freeze to the point where you have to waste valuable time warming them up again.

Secondly, I'd buy a pair of fingerless gloves, I like the Simms Windstopper fold over mittens. They are warm, allow you to use your fingers and allow you to warm up if you get too cold. They also dont hold much water if you happen to get them wet which is inevitable.

Third I would buy a good had of some sort. Most of your heat is lost through your head.
Agree on all fronts here... I bought the new fingerless Simms gloves, then exchanged for the mittens. If I were in really cold climate consistently, I might have kept the fingerless glove-onlys, they have a pocket for a hand warmer built into the palm. Bet you could fit one inside the glove/mitten too however
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