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Default Re: Bending My Wrist

OK folks... this one has gone on long enough... so stop it.

I have deleted several posts in this thread... even some of mine. If I deleted your favorites response... well I'm sorry. But I deleted every derogatory post aimed at any forum member... and then some.

I've said it many times. I will not allow personal insults on this forum. None... period. Not from anyone. Not from a registered member, not from a corporate member, not from a moderator, and not from an administrator. It doesn't matter who started it... this forum's moderators and admins must raise themselves above that level and attempt to calm the situation... not add fuel to it.

It is perfectly OK to disagree with any post. It is perfectly OK to post your own opinion. It is strictly prohibited to insult a poster during the process.

On this thread, that started out friendly, insults have flown from all directions. Not many folks are free of blame here.

Most of the time I try to remain neutral and keep an open mind to all opinions. Most everyone on this thread made some good points... but the argument went too far.

We're a good family here. Like all families we will, sooner or later, disagree. Lets hang in there together and make the most of our community.

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