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Default Re: Recommended 44 mag ammo

A few other thoughts and I'll stop writing. Noise generally has no affect what so ever on Alaska bears. You can try a warning shot but I think you'll find it has no affect and you have one less round at your disposal. If you're in the act of chasing a bear away, lots of noise works great. If they're intent on investigating you, it just doesn't work at all. This has been my experience - yours may differ.

If you're not seriously good with your weapon(s) you might want to consider leaving them home. Poorly executed shots can do you or your buddies in and have no immediate affect on unruly bruins. Bear spray may be just the ticket to turn away curious bears but don't expect it to have any affect on charging/enraged bears. Airlines and even bush planes don't allow bear spray inside, so you'll have to purchase the stuff at your destination.

Assuming you're going on a guided trip, check with him. It's pretty unlikely a professional guide is going to want a cheechako weilding a deadly instrument while both scared by a bear and stumbling around slippery rocks. If available, take a bear safety class. Sharpen your finest weapon - your brain.

Lastly, you really have to get over the psychological dominance thing. When you're in bear country, you're not at the top of the food chain. Inexpertise with weapons when under severe stress is a recipe for disaster. As stated above, you're brain is your greatest asset. Read up on bear behavior. Learn how to identify male versus female grizzly/brown bears. Learn their body language. Learn safe camping and fishing practises. Learn what responses are appropriate for grizzly/brown bears versus black bears - it may surprise you. Ask your guide to point out points of interest about bears and their habitat along with warning signs. Learn to sing loudly in brushy areas. Enjoy seeing bears and being in their neck of the woods. They may be part of the last remnant of wildness we'll get a chance to see and feel. You should be looking forward to experiencing the Alaska wilderness and getting a chance to be around bears and wolves and lots of big fish. It doesn't get much better ...
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