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Default Re: Recommended 44 mag ammo

I've shot his charging bear target and it's a good one. I largely agree with his take on handguns. Very few develop and maintain any degree of practicle expertise with a handgun. I discussed the practise I use to do every year to illustrate the level of commitment needed. Even then a .44 is a pea shooter. The Government has gone to shotguns. I'd rather have a rifle any day but that's just my opinion. Having taught both weapons to students, it seems it's easier to teach shotgun but I think the rifle is the better weapon when handled well. Actually, now that I've retired and moved to central Florida, I guess it doesn't matter and I've sold my .375. I still have my .30-06s - which I'd still rather have than a shotgun. A .30-06 bolt gun with a heavy bullet is a mighty weapon. I can't remember who said it first but a handgun is useful for fighting your way to your rifle, LOL.

All this discussion suggests some level of paranoia that is really unnecessary. If you insist on bringing a gun, I'd suggest you bring one you're familiar with and can use well. Beware the man who owns just one gun ...

Actually, I'd recommend that a visitor to Alaska do what nearly everyone does and simply rely on your guide for bear information and safety. You're a lot safer in the woods with the bears than flying in a jet or driving down a highway. If you're going camping or drifting in a remote area without a guide, then it's another story. I know several people who worked their entire adult lives in the Alaska wilds that never carried a gun and they did just fine.

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