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Default Re: Furled Leaders

Originally Posted by dakotakid View Post
Planning to create my own furled leaders, but would appreciate some guidance. Considering use of 4# P-line, 2# Fireline or 6/0 Uni-Thread. Are there any performance advantages or disadvantages with either of these filaments?

I've also noted that some commercial furled leaders have a tippet ring. How important is that? Everything else seems fairly straight-forward, except I'm not sure how to build in a tippet ring.

I have used P-line, fire-line and Uni-thread. I prefer the fireline (#2), then the P-line #4. Uni-thread works but not the way "I" like.
I learned to make my own only because I am cheap. I actully enjoy making them.
I haven't heard anyone ever complain about Joni's Furlead leaders. As a mater of fact I think I have only heard good comments.
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