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Default Always throw a hook or tuck cast

Hey, I notice that though my casting is leaps and bounds better now than when I started, I tend to throw casts such that the line runs out of "leash" and whips at the end. With a straight overhead, I throw the tuck cast. With a side cast, it curves to the left. Sometimes it does it more than others, but it seems to be there quite a bit.

What do I do to correct this? Let more line out? Cast more gently or something? Stick with it and learn to throw more to the right on my side casts ..?

Granted that this doesn't affect my fishing too badly because I catch fish once I get my flies into the water...but it's annoying and I know I could be doing better on my casts.

Actually, my casting is the most challenging thing with fly fishing having come into this from pretty heavy ultralight spin fishing (mostly bluegill). I feel like I can "fish" with my flies/lures, but the casting was tough to learn!!

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