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Default Rain, Rain go away

Spent last weekend in Reno... Girlfriend wanted to go to Vegas, I was bored there besides I found out that the Truckee River flows right through Reno. The plan was for her to go gambling and me to go fishing. We arrive Friday and head to the Orvis store. The nice gentleman suggested some flies and suggested a few areas to try. He also gave me some advice on the catch rate, "If you catch zero fish on your first day you had a great day, if you catch zero fish on your second day, you still have had a great day." So with that in mind I get the flies, leader and the all important 18 dollar fishing license for the day.

Next morning I awake to dark and stormy clouds. I think to myself that well the fish are already wet, they wont mind the weather. I drive up to one of the areas the gentleman from Orvis suggested and over the hum of some industrial equipment, I get into my flyfishing outfit for the day. I walk past the graffilthied up rock and hop into the water. I cast out into a nice run but no fish. I hike up the river and find some soft water right behind a log that had fallen over. Upstream from me are a few bait fisherman, one is casting out lures while the other looked to be bait and wait fishing. Neither one of them were closer than a hundred yards so I cast behind the log and I get a fish to hand. Second cast same thing. Third cast no bites but realize that my flies are caught up on the indicator. About this time it starts pouring.. Stupid me I left my hat at home and my jacket in the jeep... Well with fishing this good I am not leaving.. I stayed in that section and had probably 20 fish to hand. The guys that were bait fishing were hunkered down under the bridge and watching me. I hope I put on a great show especially with each cast a quick pic and released back into the river. I would have moved around a bit more but with the rain coming down in buckets I cut it short after about a hour in that section. A quick call to the hotel had the GF putting some coffee on for me. It continued to rain all day and it didnt clear up until later that evening... Ohh well the GF had fun and lost all of her money and some of mine but I can't wait to get back there again. Fishing will probably never be as good as that one section but I would have liked to fish more and just enjoy the scenery.I did go back and get the jacket on during a lull in the rain though.. I had to get back there and see if I broke the toy
The drive up had me stopping in Mammoth to purchase chains for the jeep... Yeah I know with 4x4 you don't really need them but by law according to the chain checkpoint on the way to Big Bear last year, you must have them in your vehicle. We had some snow up at Crowley and ran into some patches past Mammoth. Never did put the chains on. Ohh well onto some pics
Some of you might know where this is:
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abit more help... hint it flows into Crowley
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The drive up
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First fish
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This one was fun
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another nice fish
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Right below that log
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Downstream, Yep its beautiful up here
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The jeep in its natural winter setting
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