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Default Sticky rubber vs. felt and studded felt

I'm thinking of getting some Patagonia Riverwalkers on sale for $60. They are the variety with the rubber soles. The other boot I've considered is the Simms Freestone w/ studded felt on sale (last year's model) for $69.99. Has anyone used either of these?

How does the traction of rubber compare with felt? Studs make quite a difference, right?

I know that Vibram is going to come out with new soles sometime. When will that be? Will they be expensive? I'm on a budget. I really don't want to spend more than $80 at the most.

My last pair of boots were the lightweight classic old Orvis green boots. I wore them for about 10 years, and have fixed them several times and thrown on new soles a couple of times. They are looking pretty awful - probably the most down and out boots you've ever seen.

I've taken a couple of spills in the past, one of which was pretty bad and, incidentally, I posted about about that fall last year with the topic of "Fly Fishing Injuries." I definitely want something with traction.

The local flyshop is pushing rubber soles because the best stream around has didymo. But if I go with felt, I will be sure to use the wader wash.

Anyway, if anyone has experience in the felt vs. rubber arena, I'd be glad to hear your feedback.


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