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Default Re: Sticky rubber vs. felt and studded felt

I have the Patagonia Riverwalkers with the sitcky rubber soles. So far I've only had the opportunity to use them once but it was on a stream known for slick rocks so it was a good place to gauge the effectiveness of the soles.

Overall I'd say that the traction is fine, but very different from felt. One thing I noticed is that as I was feeling around the bottom with my feet the soles were very slick but once I transferred weight to them they bit right into the rocks and held nicely. With felt the feel is much different, with the felt gripping the rocks with very little weight needed to establish traction. So the Riverwalkers require a bit of faith at first, you just kinda have to find a place to put your feet and go with it. I think as I adjust to the different feel they'll only get better. I'm not going to say that they are as good as felt, but they work just fine for me so far.
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