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Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Hey Tony, and Mike Too!!

I was just about to send a 'proof of life' PM to both of you guys

I'm sorry I didn't spot your birthday Mike but at least you got to go fishing, I know all about not being able to get out on the water during winter........ T, what have you been up to? I know that you guys don't live in the heart of the blue ribbon trout fishing but I also know that you love your fly rod gills and other species. One more thing I know is that when you aren't posting there is a little something missing on this board.

Good to hear from you both,

I would have questioned "life" this summer & fall. Our waters were so low & weed choked this year I finally gave up trying to fish.
For a few months there I was so depressed with the situation I couldn't even bring myself to discuss fishing.

All is well now, though. A new fly rod and catching a few fish has restored my will to live.

Do you even use a line heavier than a 3 anymore?
I have plans on using my switch rod some this winter. There is a warmwater discharge into the Ohio river not too far from me that has some good fishing.
Going from a 2wt to an 11wt line when the snow falls.
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