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Default Re: Fly casting certification

Anytime there's an opportunity to chest thump someone will do it. It seems foolish to get a certification if you aren't using it to add to your guiding/teaching resume.

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
Well it was a bit off topic but, Ard did say he was a guide, so.....

Since I have never charged anyone to teach them to cast, It seems like overkill for me to go the extraordinary trouble and cost it would take to become certified. Besides, I don't rate casters by how they are certified, but by how well they grow a mustache.

Do handlebars add to the 'stache rating? I haven't had one in a few years, it's just easier to shave it clean than keep up with maintenance to stay legal in the dress and appearance regs...when I retire in 2014, I'm getting me some 'stache wax and growing some handlebars!
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