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Default Re: South Platte River Deckers Report

Although it's not what it used to be, I'm fairly certain the river is fishing better now than just a couple years ago. Horse Creek is slated to be repaired within the next couple years, Trail creek was completed last year. There is movement (not fast enough for all of us), but there is forward movement.

I guide that river 150 days a year, and yup, the floaters get tiresome, but that's going to happen so close to Denver. I've bumped into a few knuckleheads over the years, but the ethical folks seem to outnumber them 100 to 1.

There is a huge diversity of aquatic bugs, grass is now growing in the water where it used to, and a fair portion of the bottom is returning to cobble. The drought has actually helped because Horse Creek hasn't puked in a year, and willows and beavers have moved in to stabilize it until it can be fixed. Jeff Spohn has been open to many of our requests.

Honestly, it will come back completely. May be a bit more crowded, but it will be back.
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