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Default Re: The Finest Reels you can Ill Afford NOT to buy

Hello thought I'd copy a note I sent to Angler's Roost recently:

Hi Johnny

Thought I would drop you a note about some products I bought from you this year. Purchased a 13 foot 7/8 weight double handed fly rod along with a 103L reel and a fly line among other things in March, followed later in the year with another identical reel. The handle of the rod broke after very little use and you made good on it right away, thanks for that.

I practiced with my outfit when I could get the time thru the spring and summer. Bought a line from Steve Godshall based on articles I read on the internet and caught a lot of stream trout on both the SGS line and your 8 wt fly line. By late summer my casting stroke had become easy and comfortable and I was getting decent fishable casts out there whenever I needed to. Here's a point for your "new to double hander" customers to think about: whenever I was too frustrated or too uptight to make decent spey casts I would just go back to ordinary overhead casting. It worked for me.

Anyway, this fall myself and my fishing buddy got into west coast salmon up here on the BC coast. We both fish exclusively with fly tackle and we did alright. We started on chum salmon, fishing wet flies no larger than size 6, just to test our tackle and our theories. Fishing small flies on slow sinking polyleaders keeps the flies high in the water column and only the fresh new chums took our flies, while excluding the slower, older salmon on the river bottom.

So what's the point of all this? Like I said we were testing our tackle so we would have our act together for the coho and steelhead which are coming in now. We caught lots of dynamite chum salmon between 10 and 25 pounds. They fight like demons. On one morning I caught 7 and my pal caught 5. The rod works like a charm, light in hand and casts a 450g scandi as light as a feather. The reels were tested beyond what I wanted to put them thru and they were great. Those big chums made many runs of 200 yards and more and the drags worked perfectly smooth and responded properly at any pressure setting.

Thanks for making this spey type tackle affordable to me (no one else seems to be doing so). I hope you can continue to bring in quality gear.

Best regards, Bernie McIlvaney
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