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Default time for the eyes!..need some pointers..

havent posted in a while, been preparing for the walleye run, and now its here. We are going out to the river saturday, and I will be the first person that anyone I know has heard of trying to fly fish for walleye. heres how I plan to do it, and my last minute questions.

Im using 6 weight forward floating line, with about an 8 foot section of 14lb mono as a leader, the water is only chest deep at worst, maybe a little worse, but the fish are near the bottom, so I need something that will be able to sink fast before the current sweeps it away. Ive been tying wooly buggers, and bass streamers on #4 hooks weighting them with lead wire, and tungsten coneheads. Anyone see any issues with this setup? any improvements?

the people there are wall to wall....Ive been practicing my roll casts since I dont think Ill have much room, and as I dont need tons of distance, or finesse I think this will be good practice in the field.

heres the questions
how do I deal with the fast water?

what kind of presentation should I use? I mean since there is no retreive to speak do I get my fly down to the walleye, and keep it there long enough for them to take it without it getting swept into everyone elses lines?

needless to say this may be a total failure, there is a extra spinning rod with jigs and grubs in the truck, but Im going to try it....if for no other reason because I cant find anyone else who has....

any critique is welcome, any ideas, tips or anything is welcome.......who knows I may be posting a pic of myself with a monster eye come saturday night, they will never have seen lures like Im going to throw so maybe that will give me an edge?

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