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Default Re: wet digits = cold digits

I have a set of glacier gloves. After looking at their site I think they are the "Alaska River Series". I got the ones that are fingerless with a mitten that you can velcro to the back of your hand and a thumb that does the same.

At first I didn't like the fact that I couldn't strip line and have my fingers covered at the same time. But after using them for a while I realized they are well designed. I have learned this lesson many times over, but sometimes a tool built for a specific task does a little bit better than a generic tool.

Here is what I like about these gloves. The palm is rubber and the back/mitten is fleece. There is a piece of elastic that you can tighten down on the wrist. This helps prevent water from getting in your gloves. Like you said, wet hands = cold hands and I have noticed that these gloves do a good job of keeping your hands dry.

Like I said, I didn't like that I couldn't have my fingers covered at first. But after doing more fishing with them I am not convinced that I would be happy if I did have my fingers covered. Plus I have learned that it is better to just fish, then when I am moving or my fingers are really cold. I just put the mitten over and warm my fingers back up.
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