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Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
The Catt is a good one for sure, but can be a little bit tricky since a good bit of it goes through the Seneca Reservation. You would need to do your homework if going there--including having NY State license & Seneca license. I've heard stories about vehicles being broken while on the Reservation, not sure how true this is. I have not fished there.

20 Mile which empties into Lake Erie in PA has in years past been a favorite in both states. I have heard that it took quite a beating from Sandy in PA, not sure the impact she had on it in NY. 20 Mile will give you a shot at both Browns and Steelies.

This page is worth a read.

Western New York - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
I dont know if i d be interested in goin on the res. Ive heard too many bad stories. And yes it would be NY creeks south of Buffalo.

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