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Default Re: Monsters do exist, I need one.

Well very interesting. I haven't seen or heard of a 20' Hardy over here in UK, though doubtless one or two exist. But yesterday I came across an interesting article on the subject of long rods, by our last rod-builder in Scotland, Harry Jamieson of the Trossachs Rod Company, the maker of 'Clan' rods. Mr Jamieson traces a direct lineage to Alexander Grant of Inverness, whose exploits with the long greenheart 'Vibration' rods and silk lines at the turn of the last century were only recently equalled (distance casting). He holds some very unfashionable theories as to the usefulness of long rods versus short rods, which can be found here:

I believe the Trossachs Rod Co is still in business and the rods are highly thought of by those in the know. (I have no affiliation with the company, btw,)

Good luck with your search
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