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Originally Posted by gatortransplant View Post
First and foremost, I regularly fish the Rez. It's worth the 45 dollar license. Most those bad stories you hear are either exaggerations or exceptions. You can fish the Catt on either side of the Reservation, but the Reservation has a lot of access, some beautiful water, and plenty of fish.

Other than the Reservation, there are other options. The DEC site, the NY Gazeteer or the Saunder's Guide for $20 bucks are all good resources. So is Google Maps/Google Earth, which I use more than anything else. These places I'm going to list are the most well-known of the Erie tribs and are included on basically every local fishing report and web search, so it's definitely not hot-spotting or anything of the like. However, despite their popularity, you're far more likely to have the water to yourself on the Erie tribs.

So some starters follow here:
Cattauraugus Creek - this is big water and blows out a lot easier than the others, but when it is on it is awesome. And an academic study found that 1 in 5 lake-runners caught there were wild. Which is cool. There is something for everybody on this system.
!8 Mile Creek - a smaller trib but still gets pressure. Some wide sections, some boulder gardens, and a lot of gorge-type wall structure. This is closer to Buffalo than the Catt.
Canadaway - This creek runs through Fredonia. It's very small and gets a lot of pressure. However, if you catch it at the right time you can have fun. Plus it clears quickly.
Chautauqua - the furthest away of the tribs listed. I have a lot less experience here by virtue of that fact. Still a beautiful place and a blend of 18 and C-Way from what I've seen.

Google searches and a lot of staring at maps can put you on accesses at these places, and time spent on the water will help you figure them out. You'll catch less browns and slammers, but there are unicorns to be found at times. And if anyone feels that I am hot-spotting here or blowing out secret spots, I'd be happy to take this post down in favor of a link to the DEC's webpage, which more comprehensively includes the same data.
Thanks for the info gator. Ive seen alot of your posts and was hoping you d reply. Those were the creeks i was considering after doin some research on the Nys dec website. I may have to look into the res too. Though $45 for a few times fishing may not be worth it. Lookin forward to checkin out some new water!

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