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Default Re: Gill Trail Cheesman Canyon

The fishing, in my opinion, is good along the entire trail. You generally find fewer people the further you go. Therefore, the most folks are in the lower sections below Cow's Crossing. There is a nice sign about 1/4 mile from the trail head that breaks the river into named sections. I always advise folks to fish from the Family Pool (just above Wigwam) on up to really get the canyon experience. You probably couldn't pull that off in a day, so break the river into "day bites" and fish it accordingly.

It's roughly 3 miles from the Wigwam fence to the dam. About 4 miles total hike from the trailhead to the dam.

You can also access the river from the dam down. It's quite a hoof out.

Hope this helps.

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The road was opened July 1st this year. It's closed again. Not sure why or for how long.

Some very nice small mouth in that lake.
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