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Hey guys, just found this site today. I've been an occasional fisherman most of my life and thought it might be fun to try my hand at fly fishing. Anyway, I've got a $100 gift card to Academy, and I'd like to buy a few things to get me started with that. I was leaning toward the Pflueger Medalist combo they sell for $50. I'd also try to pick up some sort of beginner fly kit if they sell one. I don't want to spend a ton, mainly because who knows if I'll like it or if I'll be able to go frequently.

The only bad reviews I read about the medalist combo say that the 3 piece rod comes apart when casting. I'm guessing those folks didn't apply any paraffin wax before putting the rod together, so I've largely dismissed those reviews. I know the medalist reel is a good reel, but I've heard that the rod is the most important part of fly fishing (well, aside from technique). I'm thinking this rod will be ok to start with, and if I decide to fly fish more often, I can upgrade later. Thoughts?

Here's the combo:

Also, any recommendations on a good fly kit assortment? I'll be fishing trout, bream, crappie, and bass mostly.

Any recommendations on other crucial items for a beginner?

Thanks in advance, and I'm looking forward to browsing the forums!
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