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I'll be the negative person here .

I'm fairly new to fly fishing -- probably about 6 months out from where you are -- though my lord I've come a long way....especially with casting, which I've focused on very intensely.

I hate 2 fly rigs most of the time....and I especially hate the kind where you tied a blood knot (or whatever) and leave the tag extra long to attach the 2nd fly. If I run a 2-fly rig, I use this one and find it MUCH easier to fish --

“Seeing Double” | MidCurrent

Bookmark midcurrent while you're at it . I tie the 2nd fly to the bend of the hook of the first fly, keeping both in line. They won't tangle as easily this way and it's easier to cast IMO.

If you're new to fly fishing and casting I'd actually steer you away from 2 fly rigs because they're a pain in the ass to cast and I found it easier to focus on a 1-fly rig first. I'm glad I did this! When I do a 2-fly I tend to lob cast as first choice, and oval cast if I can't lob. I don't really enjoy fishing split shot, indicator rigs, 2-fly rigs but did have success with the system on the Elk River here in WV this October.....they definitely work well and should be used, but I'd focus on the basics first. Just me -- no one sue .
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