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Default Re: Tarpon fly swap anyone?

Originally Posted by theboz View Post
The flytyingforum definitely has more swaps than we do. To go along with that they have more problems as clearly stated all over their site! For the past 8 months it's been so bad that they have made a list of banned swappers , are following all posts made by the swapmeister in private as well as setting guidelines far more stringent then ours to try and control these problems. You can't host a swap with them unless you have participated in a minimum of 3 swaps and you must supply phone number , address etc to the administration so they can attempt to curtail the problems they are having ! That's what happens when you try to run to many things at one time with no controls. I believe what our forum is doing now taking one swap at a time and and setting guidelines for when each swap shall start and end is a step in the right direction! I also believe splitting up the swapmeister duties between several qualified people(as set forth in the swap guidelines ) is also a positive step. There will always be some problems wherever you go it's how they are handled that determines the outcome of all swaps!
I had ten times rather swap there than here for reasons that I will not go into. I could really elaborate on why I feel this way, but it wouldn't amount to a hill of beans.

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