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Default Fly Line Chart

I'm looking for a chart or table of all the current production fly lines that give each line's vitals, like true weight. Is there anything like that to be found around here?

I don't live near any fly shops, so I can't try out any lines with my rod to see which one(s) work best for me. I was hoping to at least get a better idea of what's out there with characteristics I'm interested in.

I'm still developing my casting style, and have recently obtained a nice Sage 590-4 SLT. I tried it in the grass with some RIO WF-5, and some no-name WF-6. It was ok with the WF-5, but I was getting much much tighter loops with the 6 wt line. I'm thinking maybe I should try some 5 wt line that runs heavy for it's rating, but do not know which lines do that. I also have never tried DT and wonder how that might work out. I intend to use this rod for some combo stream/river, dry/nymph trout fishing.

Suggestions welcome!
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