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Default Re: On the hunt for wife FFing success . . .

My wife s actually the one that will push me to go out fishing. Not always, but she helps. I get so gaught up in my job and the two businesses I run on the side that I almost "forget" to rest/relax. My wife knows that I love to fish and will say things to "remind" me to relax. Things like, "So, are we fishing tomorrow." I know this is her way of telling me she wants me to relax and spend time with her. She doesnt catch much.... but just likes being out.

Maybe next time you are out you could voice to your wife that you really enjoy the time spent with her on the water. This alone could change her opinion of it and make the "not catching anything" part of it not matter. From reading your post again... maybe you are looking for a way to have her support your time away from her?? If thats the case, ignore everything I said! HAHAHA!
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