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Default Re: A First Timer's Guide to The Lower Mountain Fork River

Thanks grindtime,

I have since put quite a bit more time fishing this river every time I go is a little different. If you want the most enjoyable experience, plan on going right after a stocking and try to avoid the weekends. It can get kind of busy but you should be ok in Jan.

There are quite a few ways to construct your nymphing rig you just need to find what style you like. There are lots of pictures online to give you some ideas.

My best advise is get the rig down to the bottom. Unless there is a hatch, that's where the fish are feeding (this time of year especially). If you aren't getting hung on the bottom every now an then, you can be sure you aren't low enough. That really is the most important thing.

I use a floating line with 5-6x tippet. You can try a heavy fly for your first fly like a tungsten pheasant tail then you can tie some fluorocarbon tippet to the bend of that hook and about 12-18 down tie a black or red midge 18-20. The other option is two midges linked the same way with some micro shot around 6in above the first midge. if you go with that method another trick is to leave a long tag end on your first fly and put the microshot on that so if you get hung you don't lose your flies.

Like I said there are so many ways to make these rigs. You might also wanna pick up some thingamabobbers to use as indicators. The strike can be very easy to miss. It can be so subtle. I uaually try to make my rig as simple as possible then if its not working I may add weight or indicators as needed. The more junk you put on there the more frustrating it can end up getting.

You may very well not have to mess with any of this. I was there thanksgiving weekend and there were fish rising once it warmed up. Decent caddis and BOW hatches were going on. Good luck if you have any more questions feel free to PM me.
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