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Well today wasnt very successful. 0-2 over a period of three hours.


40-45 degrees
Rained all night and morning

The stream:

Definitely higher but not blown out at all or stained.


None to speak of unfortunately. I had two hook ups but both threw the hook. I vet the feeling the fish had been pestered all day by the other fishermen around but idk.


Hooked up on chartreuse and flame size 12. I tried white with chartreuse, white with orange, chartreuse with white, orange with a veil, and oregon cheese in 12s and 14 s with no success. I saw some fish movin upstream through a shallow section and even tried swinging a purple zonker...but nothin.

Technique :

The two fish i had on came from the same high stick technique i used Saturday. I used a large amount of shot to slowly tick the bottom of the run.


Great afternoon nonetheless. After a while the other fishermen cleared out and i had it to myself. Didnt work out but i think if i had had more time i couldve managed one at least. Man it gets dark early this time of year! Ill be out again this weekend with a friend of mine who has never fished for steelhead. Hopin to have a good day to get him hooked. Update comin this weekend!

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