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Default Vancouver Island as a first timer?


I think that this forum has more people that have visited Vancouver Island than there are in Finland (where I'm from), so I just might give it a shot.

So I'm planning a fishing trip to Vancouver Island in fall 2013. The trip would be about 2 weeks long, so I think there might be some 10 days or maybe even more for fishing.

I would be grateful for tips on accomodation, guiding services, rivers, gear and flies.

I currently have a 13'6" 7# Double hander and am building a 15' #9-10 rod.
Spey casting is quite new to me, but I can handle it quite well, so that wont be an issue. I also read an article about VI fishing that said that one handed rods in #8 and 9# would be quite handy in tight places and small rivers.
What do you recommend that I should add to those?
As reels I have mostly Danielssons.

Fast sinking lines will be in the shopping cart for the trip as well as T-tips for skagit lines.

We (me and my friend) intend to fish mainly for the 3 big salmon species but steelhead, pinks and sockeyes are welcome too. I did some research and came to the conclusion that late september and early october would suit our needs best, but were open for other options also.
We both have some experience with atlantic salmon, but none on the pacific cousins.

Thank you a lot already!

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