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Default Re: 1st time trout fishing

wool felt is probably the most accepted boot bottom used around can glue it onto yourpresent boots.. slick wet mud is bad news no matter what bottom you have on your boots, probably worse with felt.. go to the local lybrary and take home a pile books and read all you can.. this will give you a base knoweledge to get started.. using two flys compounds the casting problem by giving you tangles.. try to cast in a slight oval bringing the fly back line slighty to the right, then forward slightly more to the left so it doesnt all dont bang into each other.. put a dry fly on the end of the leader, then put your nymph or subsurface fly behind that by tyiing on to the back of the hook. the rear fly or dropper is about 18 inches back from the indicator fly (that is first on the line).. when the first fly stops or sinks lift the rod to set the hook, you may have a fish.. this allows you to use two flys at once, dividing the time in half to find out what they are eating.. if you cant cast two that is fine, it will all work out in time.. a good local sporting good shop/ fly shop should trade good advice as to what to use at the time in your area, in trade for some purchases... simply go in and ask for his/her pick forthe week, and buy three or so, be sure to find out how to fish the type fly your getting.. dave..
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