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Default Re: Fish identification question

I appreciate everyone's help. I feel like it's one of those times when you say, "Hey, I ran into a friend of yours. I forget his name, but he's about 5'9", short brown hair, average weight..."

I honestly didn't think to look at the dorsal fins that closely (I never assumed I'd have trouble getting the id), so I can't remember if there are 1 or 2, but I think just 1. The red tips made both me and my Dad (who wasn't there) think it might be in the perch family, but nothing matches up.

It didn't quite have the face of a sucker, but you're right that they can have those vertical markings. I took a big sucker out of that river last year, but she didn't have the markings.

I was sure that someone would know just what they were, esp. as it's on a well-known stream. I thought about taking my camera, and then just didn't bother. Ergh.
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