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Default Re: What Reel Should I Ask Ms. Santa to bring me with a Shiny New Sage One Rod?

Thanks to everyone for their advice. Some knowledgeable people hanging out around here! I sent Ms. Santa my final Christmas wish list. I actually like liked both the Hatch 4 Plus Finatic and the Galvin T5. I'm now concerned that both may be too heavy for the Sage One 5 wt.

I like the design and weight of the Waterworks/Lamson ULA Force SL. I just am not loving the aesthetics of the reel. It just looks a little too "industrial" for my taste. I like a little more organic look when I'm in the middle of the Madison or Snake River.

I figure either of the others are OK by me. Initially I wanted an extra spool. The manager at my local fly store suggested spending another $100 or $150 and just getting another reel. Heck --- maybe I'll get two reels! I'll just have to wait for Christmas Day to see what Ms. Santa delivers. Thanks again. And I'll keep reading if anyone else has an opinion.
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