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Default Re: Does blue excite the trout?

Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
Killer pattern on the E Tribs too. Blue is the first and last color egg I'll tie on when I am fishing sun up to sun down. Then I'll switch to whatever the water clarity/flow warrants.

One of my more memorable days in Erie...

Mid January, snow on the ground and certainly below freezing. Fished all day long without a single tug on my line, nobody around us was catching fish. I was working over a pod of fish that wouldn't take anything. Low and behold, the last hour or so of daylight, I was fishing a tandem egg combo of chartreuse and blue. Every other cast produced a strike. That day, I landed one of the largest steelies I've ever caught.

I had good luck on a couple Erib Trib trips with a size 10 - 12 light blue and char scrambled egg pattern....
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