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Default Re: 3wt set up for 1st timer

Dark Knight
Thanks for the help. I'll be checking out what The Full Crel has in stock. That article on small streams really has me questioning what rod to select now. Is a foot longer in length of the rod going to be that much harder to cast? It seems a longer rod would be a little more advantageous in this situation. I'm starting to lean towards the 8-'6" to be in between the 7-'6" and 9'-0".

Big Cliff
Thanks for your advise as well. I am getting an instructor to help me out before I learn on my own the wrong way. As I stated above, I am thinking of the 8'-6" rod length now but will probably be sticking with the 3wt. I figure this will be the one I'll use the most and right away plus it'll motivate me to want to get a 5wt later.
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