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Didn't get to go out much this year, but one trip, my friend and I heard of a good float on the New. Well we knew it wasnt to far driving distance, so we did no research on the actual kayaking distance. It was a 16 mile float!!!! It was horrible!!!!! Neither of us expected it. We both didn't pack lunches and it took us from 7am to 6ish pm to do it, and that was literally paddling the last 3/4s. There was a hella thunderstorm when we were at about 85% completion, so we pulled to the side and waited it out. Also nobody told us about a set of stealth class 3s, my friend tipped over, and lost one of his brand new Crocs, rod, also one of my ratchet straps. It was such a dreadful trip, I caught the biggest of the day so dinner and beer was on my friend.
Here she is, and my friend is in the background. I will never forget this trip! Also, that same night, a guy was murdered on the river bank where we pulled out of, pretty sketch area, but good fishing, just dont let the sun set on you.
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